Dental Implant Restorations in Sugar Land, TX

When permanent teeth are lost, regardless of the reason or number of teeth, dental implants can offer a new lease on life. They are superior to other choices because they are solid, secure and aesthetic. After nearly 35 years of use, they have a 90-95% proven success rate in appropriately chosen cases.

An implant is a special surgical grade titanium post, manufactured to highly precise specifications under strict sterile conditions that Dr. Jai V. Patel, DDS or Dr. Rahil H. Patel, DDS inserts surgically into the jawbone below the gum surface. With proper use of the newest anesthetics and medications, you need not be concerned about pain. As the bone bonds to the post, it forms a secure foundation onto which your new teeth are attached and shaped to match your mouth. The number of teeth being replaced will determine the best kind of restoration for you. Implants can help replace a single tooth or a full set of teeth.

If you have been suffering with partial or full dentures, are missing teeth or feel you need teeth extracted, do not hesitate to call 281-207-4161 for an evaluation for dental implants in Sugar Land, Texas. Our dentist and team look forward to meeting with you at Sugar Land Dental Associates!